What is online coaching?

Whether you’re a busy professional, a parent juggling multiple responsibilities, or simply prefer the flexibility of remote coaching, my online platform brings the expertise of a seasoned personal trainer directly to you, whether you’re in Sheffield or beyond. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional training – with online coaching, the world is your gym.

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Let’s discuss how we’ll work together to achieve your PEAK FITNESS, and if you feel like we could be a fit or you have more questions, book in a free consultation call with me above.

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Online coaching guarantee

I also want to remove any doubt or trust issues you may have with hiring an online coach. That’s why my coaching comes with a guarantee. If you follow the programme for three months and you do not achieve results that align with the fitness goals we agree upon, then I will give you your money back. In the best case scenario, you achieve amazing results and we’re both super happy. In the worst case scenario, I give you every penny back. There’s no risk.


Receive personalised training plans tailored to help you efficiently build muscle or lose fat. Get guidance based on your goals, lifestyle, and schedule, ensuring maximum effectiveness in every session. My coaching provides clear instructions on exercises, reps, sets, and weekly workouts, eliminating wasted time and guaranteeing results.


I will give you all the tools you need to reach your goal without resorting to fad, overly restrictive or boring diets. We will look at your food preferences and energy needs to help you create a meal plan that will get you to your weight or performance goal without restriction. I want you to eat what you enjoy guilt-free, and hopefully remove any confusion you might have around nutrition and “healthy eating”.


As a qualified personal trainer, I know that no matter how hard a person trains in the gym, more than 80% of their results are likely to come from outside of it. I want you to incorporate fitness into your life but your life does not need to revolve around fitness. Together, we will plan around your work schedule, social events and family commitments and/or eating patterns.


Receive personalised one-to-one support to ensure your success. Weekly progress reviews guarantee you’re on track to achieve your desired results, with adjustments made as needed. Reach out via WhatsApp anytime for support or questions. Additionally, enjoy monthly extended phone or video calls for detailed discussions and further assistance.


Your environment is key to success, so being surrounded by like-minded people is important. In my dedicated WhatsApp group, I share advice and group member wins, we post challenges and people share questions about and notes on their fitness journeys. The community element means everyone can support each other, network and build relationships: you’re not alone.

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